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Hello! Kia Ora! Ahoj! Hola! Âba wathtech! Bonjour!


My name is Žaneta Begová and I am the owner of BegaSoul Nutrition!

I have my diploma in Holistic Nutrition and I am a professional cook and baker (graduating in the Czech Republic and Australia).

Some of you might know me from the health store in Airdrie where I work in the vitamins and supplement department.

I love helping women, men, children, elders, or whole families to achieve their goals in healthy nutrition through a holistic approach/body mind spirit. 

I believe that everybody can have healthier life without following a drastic diet. Everybody is unique with different wants and needs. We just need to figure out our habits, thinking of food, mindfulness, diet, and spirit and start to work on the improvements.

I will help you to go through this transformation. I am an active listener who doesn't judge. I will guide you in the journey and be available to answer your question, doubts, etc.  


Using Mother nature's treasures is the best way to go. I will show you how and where to find better food sources, non-toxic body care products, and most importantly your inner spirit. 

Love working with kids. As we know our kids don't want to listen to their parents when they try to educate them about food, but they will listen to somebody else they don't know very well and don't judge them. That is why I am going to prepare some workshops for children in kindergarten, preschool and higher grades and try to show them that eating chips in moderation is not bad when we make better choices not telling them what they can not eat but how to choose the better food options. I will show them how to prepare simple meals and snacks or be involved in preparing family meals that can be fun. I will be a moderator between parents and their children. Until then I currently offer this service as a family consultation in their environment. It is about answering the question from kids and being helpful in explaining the nutrition of foods or reading the food labels with ingredients, in the form of a game. Taking the whole family shopping where I show them how the retailers try to trick them into buying poor quality products or unreasonable prices. 

In the next step, I will show you how to meditate, connect with your inner self and reconnect with your body. Explain how the body gives you the signals that something is wrong. Again is about the connection between Body-Mind-Spirit. I am going to give you the courage to start to move your body and release good hormones for a better mood, and less tiredness and get some benefit from it, such as losing some weight. If you wish I could help you with meal planning and prep. 

To be honest with you all, the whole journey is a complex process. The change is not going to happen overnight. It is not just about diet and workout, many things need to be changed that will become your lifestyle and you will not want to change it. Later on, you will become an educator of yourself a healthy lifestyle and feel happy to help others in need.

You can check my blog for extra information, articles, recipes, etc. Also, I have social media profiles on Instagram and Facebook. 

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