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No time counting down. A unique approach to explaining holistic science through body-mind-spirit. I will give you the whole picture of what is going on in your body and understanding that very clearly. You will have endless opportunities to ask questions anytime during the session or after. I will educate you about the whole process of your transformation. You will leave the session with huge knowledge of food, body system connections, and other factors that affect your overall health and lifestyle. 



Meal prep can be very challenging when you start with your transformation including food and mind. I will help you with the challenge so that will be easier for you to do the cooking. Simple meals, not time-consuming much and very tasty. The families need help with not only cooking but pantry also. I will help you with what to have in the pantry and how to organize it so that your children will reach just better choices for their snacks or treats.



Buying groceries has never been so challenging like these days. We should know how to read labels, ingredients and their meaning. I will be happy to go with you and explain how it works in the retail business. I will help you with what to be aware of and where to buy better quality foods, body care and household products. I always will consider your budget which makes it more challenging but not impossible. I will show you that you can get good food for low prices. It is not about quantity but quality. 

Paleo coaching will help you in the transition to the Paleo lifestyle. I will help you to find the nutrient balance, local farmers, easy recipes, the right exercise, non-toxic body care and household products that fit the Paleo lifestyle. 

That is just $155 for the first session with follow-up support for the starters. 

What is Paleo, check my blog for more information.

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